The Shut Up & Rock Workday has ONE goal: To make work fun again! How does Drew Stefani manage to pull that off?

Simple: Take one part rock, one part roll, a dash of talk about stuff that actually matters to you & some sweet prizes. VOILA!

The Shut Up & Rock Workday is all about the rock YOU love at work: From the jukebox classics to the iPod staples…and in BIG ASS blocks, too!

At lunchtime, we take you back to cheap gas, less kids & more hair with the Nothing New BIG BULL Classic Lunch! One solid hour of the greatest rock ever recorded during rock’s most definitive era: The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.

Nothing’s worse than the post-lunch hangover, which is why Drew jolts you outta your funk with some side splitting comedy around 1:40 with Cow Patties: hear some of the funniest bits ever performed by the world’s funniest people!

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