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Mac's Bio

It’s a thrill to help feed your need for fun, a little information, and THE Rock.

I grew up in Midwestern Ontario but headed off to the big city for a radio career… and I thought I had it made as a morning show co-host in K-W, but something was missing.

My heart was still in Midwestern Ontario. So when I heard the Bull’s Roar, I came home. Its where the people are genuine, summers are paradise, and everyone knows how to have a good time. It’s wonderful to live in place where your neighbour says ‘hello’…

(and a stranger doesn’t think twice about stopping in a blizzard to pull your car out of the ditch). Now I have it all! I live with my wonderful husband and two boys on our “ranch” with our dog (aptly named “Party”) and the cat, Mr. Fluffums!

The question I get most, is: “How do you put up with Bruffer and K-Fell weekday mornings in The Bullpen?”

Do I spike my coffee with Bailey’s every morning? No.

Does the station foot my psychiatrist’s bill? No.

It’s probably because as a Mom of two boys (one is a teenager), I just have lots of practice!

Actually, it’s pretty easy playing a “small” part of a great morning show with two of the most handsome guys on the air!

K-Fell's Bio

Why K-Fell?

Well…I Grew up on a Dundalk Farm…Kevin sounded like a great name until the locals were asked to spell it…KIDDING!

I don’t know actually….Apparently society is so lazy now that instead of using another syllable, “K” was easier…

Anyway, after years of pulling calfs & bailin’ hay (it’s Midwestern Ontario- no free rides here) I moved to Belleville – on purpose! I know…I like to call those the dark years…mostly because I spent them blacked out.

After college (where I learned to talk ‘Reeeeal Good-like’) I worked my way through Central Ontario all the way up to Fort Mac, Northern Alberta…You know what I realized?


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