‘Grateful Dead’ Concert Ends With Controversial (Fake?) Rainbow

Published On June 29, 2015 | By Ryan Valdron | Rock Lounge, Rock News

‘The Grateful Dead’ are set to begin their ‘Fare Thee Well’ reunion tour on Friday and ticket prices are outrageous, we’re talking upwards of $2,500 for nosebleed seats in some venues. But with the ticket prices so high, could it have all been for a fake rainbow?

Let me explain.

‘The Dead’ kicked off a mini-tour on Saturday at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California (their first performance together in nearly 20 years) and the show ended with a rainbow appearing over the stage.

Perfecting timing. I mean, what are the odds? Some fans believe that the moment was too good to be true, and that it was a man-made rainbow.

Talk quickly began on the internet where rumors surfaced that the rainbow cost the band $50,000 to produce.

One fan wrote on Reddit:

“Who’s to say they made it, silicon valley is full of dead heads with more money than they know what to do with could have been done for the show. The clouds were low in an otherwise clear sky, not to mention the drought California is experiencing. The best conspiracies are the ones you can’t prove.”

The Grateful Dead has neither confirmed or denied if the rainbow was indeed fake and part of the show.

The band is getting set to perform back to back to back shows at Chicago’s Soldier Field this Friday through Sunday…and needless to say, if a rainbow pops up over the stadium, then the rainbow is DEFINITELY fake.

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