THE DAILY WTF: June 29, 2015

Published On June 29, 2015 | By Max Major | The Daily WTF
  • A renegade circular saw blade almost cut a car in half on a highway in China.

A giant 5 foot circular saw blade fell out of truck on the highway and buried itself in the car behind just BARELY missing the driver! This thing got 20 inches into his hood before it hit the engine and stopped. LUCKY: the driver was unharmed. UNLUCKY: this didn’t happen in Russia, so there’s no dash cam footage.


  • A guy in Illinois was struck by lighting for the 2nd time over the weekend…and his name is Rod.

Rod Wolfe to be exact! He was struck by lightning 18 years ago just standing in his front yard and was hospitalized  with some broken ribs and cardiac problems. Rod was struck by lighting again this weekend while he was working in a cemetery of all places! He won’t be needing the hole anytime soon though…he’s in stable condition at the hospital. And he thought he hated being called “Lightning Rod” BEFORE!


THE DAILY WTF VIDEO OF THE DAY: this guy miiiiiiiiight be an addict.

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