Be Safe, Love You!

Published On April 7, 2018 | By Nathan Marshall | Middays, Nathan Marshall

Be Safe, Love you…..

I can recount every time I left the house, my parents would say it.  It became normal/expected, and almost lost it’s meaning.  I still get texts from my mother to this day…even the sunny warm days saying it…”Be Safe, Love you!”

I say it to my kids, maybe out of habit but I mean it every time.  I want them to make good choices, do the right thing, and to know that I care.

The events of yesterday that left 14 players and coaches dead hits home to every parent that has had a child walk out their door.

The Humboldt Broncos were on their way to a playoff hockey game aboard a bus, when it was T-Boned and overturned. The accident left 15 injured and 14 dead.

This is a routine thing for hockey players.  Leave your parents/guardians hop aboard a bus and travel to your game.  But it’s not just hockey players.  Our children get bussed to school every day. And they take field trips, they travel for vacations, and choose that mode of transportation for their jobs.

I’m not saying be fearful of busses…and I’m not saying be fearful of them living their life, although it is scary as hell to watch them do it.

What I am saying is be thankful for them.  Love them, and hold them…and when you say “be safe, love you!” Don’t just make it routine let them know you mean it!

Our thoughts are with the family, friends, players, and coaches of the Humboldt Broncos at this devastating time.

Nathan Marshall

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