The BLISS of Snow Fort Building with kids!

Published On December 9, 2016 | By Nathan Marshall | Nathan Marshall

Nothing beats hitting up the outdoors with the kids and building a fort.  It doesn’t take much to make them happy.  Just a little time with you is what they want (well..two of them, the oldest thinks he’s too old for this crap)!

Some pro tips for you if you are either new to this concept of having fun with your kids or want to build a better fort then your neighbors.

Trace out the area…with your feet, stomp a clear section of land that you and the kids can use as a home base…words of caution, if you make it too big you will freeze to death before it’s built, also hold your temper and yelling while the kids mess up the outline you have created.

Make the walls…either roll the snow as if you are building a snowman or use a bucket or cooler to make actual blocks. Then arrange them in four foot walls around the space you have created with your feet…You will have to do the heavy lifting here, and your youngest child is likely done/cold or moved onto something else.

Stuff the holes with snow…after your walls are up, you will have gaps in the wall.  Fill those with loose snow and make the walls a flat surface.  You can ask your masonry friend for a trowel or use your hands…the kids gloves will likely be soaked at this point and their interest will be dwindling…oh and the noses are running, you can use that to strengthen the walls too!

Cover the walls with water…pouring a little water on the walls with really make them strong and impenetrable…the kids will be so happy they are done!  Of course the youngest is already inside, the middle one is soaked because he decided it was a good idea to jump in just after the water was poured, and the oldest will be looking to have a nap after you forced him to participate in a “FUN” family activity!

Last but not least…the hot chocolate!!

All and all, it was a good day!  Snow fort built, hot chocolate in the belly, and memories to hold onto!


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