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Published On July 4, 2016 | By Phil Main | Blogs, Mornings

I guess my first order of business should be to apologize to those sitting around me yesterday. I can’t help it. I love the theatre. I love music. I love Canada. Put them together and that’s something to sing about….out loud…more than 80 times actually.

You might be surprised when you see Canadian Legends at just how much we’ve contributed to the world music scene over the years. There’s a fair share of pop and country anthems and tons of great classic rock too from the Guess Who, BTO, Neil Young, Stampeders, The Band, Crowbar, The Tragically Hip, Trooper, Bryan Adams and more.

I won’t lie, I had a few favourites.

Lee Siegel’s cover of Blue Rodeo’s “Try” was so powerful especially with Shelley Kenney dancing and stealing my breath away at the same time.
To meet him in person, Lee seems almost quiet, humble and a bit shy, but on stage he has a presence and a voice that really blows your hair back!

w Stacey

Great to meet Stacey Kay after the show ūüôā

I’ve been a fan of Stacey Kay since I first heard her a few years ago in the Drayton production of Godspell. When she tackled Celine Dion late in the show there were a few gasps from people sitting near me. I remember my grandfather talking about a singer he liked so much that he would have listened to her sing the phone book. I wish grandpa could’ve heard this girl!

And as is common with an¬†Alex Mustakas production, there are dancers…world class dancers. I saw Breanna Willis in Legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll last year so I was excited to see that smile hit the stage again in Canadian Legends. She’s the kind of dancer you can’t not watch. Aside from the athleticism and skill, she exudes an energy that is joyful and contagious.

Kudo’s to Laura Mae Nason to who gave me goosebumps when she sang ‘Rise Again’ and to the whole cast who I thought really stood out as an ensemble when they ripped through Stan Rogers’ “Barrett’s Privateers”

BTW – Neil Aitchison¬†is always hilarious and he doesn’t disappoint in this production.

Go see this while you can and celebrate this great country and ours with some of Canada’s premier live performers. You can see Canadian Legends in Grand Bend until July 16th.
Check the Drayton Entertainment web site HERE 

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