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The whole dating scene sucks at my age!

I think most middle aged people will agree, which is why Norm Foster’s “Looking” will resonate.

All four characters in this show, two guys and two gals, were great. I felt an almost instant friendship with them; like I was watching myself and some of my friends as we to try to navigate this weird and complicated part of the human journey.

If I’m honest, I’m probably a lot more like Rob McClure’s character Andy in that I’m mostly clueless when it comes to woman. I try too hard and have no game whatsoever. I felt an affinity with Andy’s best friend Matt though as well. Played by Neil Foster, Matt is an in your face but lovable morning radio DJ who prefers to be called a “broadcaster.” Most of us do ­čśë He counsels Andy on dating and offers lots of, at best, questionable advice. In the end, neither is really very good at it.

The show is fast paced and funny and incorporates a lot of great classic song clips which really lifted it to another level for me. It also gave me another reason to identify with Andy. Several times during the show he would sing the first line of a song and hum the second line because, like many of us middle agers, he forgot the words.
Neil Foster, Rob McClure, Helen Taylor & Heather Hodgson
“Looking”, is on now and until June 27th at the Drayton Festival Theatre

Click HERE for tickets and info.

For more on the show, listen to my chat with director Marti Maraden below.


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